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About Adam 

Musician and pianist, Adam Revell is a versatile live performer, teacher, composer and band leader.  Adam has performed worldwide in a host of musical projects. Today, Adam actively performs jazz, rock, improvisational, funk, pop, indie, classical, spiritual, and electronica in and around the Denver area.  He was the keyboardist for the Motet, John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light, The Eminence ensemble, and the Jaden Carlson Band.  He has also lead his own groups, Adam Revell & Essence Rider, who he released a CD with in 2010, entitled "Triple Leaf" .  Current projects include his 5-piece quintet, the Cristine Barbosa Band, band director at Jefferson Unitarian church in Golden, and other freelance work.  Adam has been teaching piano lessons since 2001.  He was mentioned in Westword magazine as "one of Denver's best pianists."

Adam has been teaching piano since 1998.  His teaching philosophy allows for just about anyone to learn piano and begin to appreciate music. Playing a musical instrument can be profoundly helpful in your life.  It can help relieve stress, build confidence and self-esteem, and it help you connect with your emotions.  Playing instruments allows you to deepen your understanding of music you hear, and opens the world of musical collaboration with others to you.  For children, it can give a healthy and fun alternative to being on screens, and helps them excel in school.


Adam holds a master's degree in jazz performance and pedagogy, and piano performance from the University of Colorado.  He studied piano with Chip Stephens, Pat Bianchi, Doris Lehnert, Robert Spillman, and Gay Page.  He has been actively playing piano most of his life, starting at age 4, when he began writing songs on his mother's piano.  

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